Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NYE and getting ready to travel again--at the last minute

As if it was not enough we travel to Memphis tomorrow for my Belize departure Friday morning at 6 a.m., we went yesterday.  Yes, had to get dog food as they would be closed tomorrow. :)  Once we go, we just stock up on wine, Crabtree & Evelyn (I left my shampoo at mom's) and doggie treats and toys.  It was a pleasant day in the upper 60s and we enjoyed having the sunroof open.  Normally, we would also eat at our favorite Italian place, Grisanti's, but Rand wanted to get back in time for the women's basketball game against Rice.  I opted not to go in the face of all I still have to do, and my favorite former player, Armintie, who went pro last year was there and sitting right behind Randy in our season ticket seats.  Ah, well...

Today, I had to get my pre-Belize pedicure.  The things we won't do--I am walking around in flip-flops with bare legs in winter here, so I can look good in Belize Friday.   I got to the office to finish up the grad class comprehensive exam my chair needs by tomorrow, and there was Kim, my fellow Belize traveler--in her flip-flops with bare legs as she had just gotten her pedicure.  Now we don't even go to the same person and did not communicate about this, and have the almost exact same shade of polish.  Won't we look like the Dork Sisters.  LOL  I am not taking any Ole Miss tee shirts, so that should help.  I am, however, taking a pink "Peace" tank top in solidarity with all my sisters the world over for January 2.

And as my friends know all too well, "if it weren't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done" so I have not even started to pack.  I just put in some laundry, and have to now go dig through the summer clothes closet to find the things I need to take, plus track down the research items I need for work.  Thank goodness my personal computer/photographer dude, Rando, will get my laptop and camera loaded and make sure I am ready to go with all the techno gadgets that I will need and I will just have to focus on clothes and research tools.

I am so fortunate that I can combine my love of travel and meeting new people and new places with my work.  Though I could have and did go down many other paths prior to this one, I just cannot imagine a better, more satisfying and fulfilling life than the one I have had, whilst still having the absolute best time with travel and seeing new things and learning about different people.  When I think about how terrified I was of my first trip to New York City, or how scary it was to go to Quebec and not understand or speak the language, I can hardly believe how much I embrace new adventures now, prepare as much as possible, and then just go immerse myself in the opportunities.

Jane, Sherri, Jimmy W, I feel a road trip comin' on!  

Happy New Year to each of you who might be reading this, and I hope the next post is from Belize...although knowing the Memphis airport, it might be pictures of me and Kim sitting in the Memphis airport waiting for our plane.  But the good news is, I will have extra time to work on that article due January 9 that is not done yet.

Cheers, fireworks, and most of all, be safe, be happy, and remember, "It is what it is" which is kind of similar to "People do what they do and don't do what they don't do" and "You either will or you won't."  Gotta love philosophy.


Anonymous said...

I'm way past due for one of our road trips! Or plane trips. Or any new trip. Let's go!


Gigi said...

Road trip!!! Let's go!! Wow, I have lost all track of time and cannot believe you are already leaving. Hope you have a fabulous trip, make lots of nbf's and come back with many stories to tell us. Hey, we are always grateful for the last minute and it never seems to let us down, right?! Be safe and have fun. I'll be sending up good vibes and hoping all goes well.

Suzassippi said...

Okay, you two, let's plan the great adventure. Rando is all up for an Alaska cruise, though. Happy New Year.

Gigi said...

Dang, we already did the AK cruise. I don't know that we want to do another one. Unless you choose a different route!

Happy New Year and happy travels.

Suzassippi said...

Thanks, and you, too. I am finally packing. :)