Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Randy is the most unromantic guy I have ever known.  Not one for sentimental cards, gifts, flowers, etc.  Yesterday morning when I got out of the shower, the new Bruce Springsteen album was playing on my iTunes.  He took me to lunch at Nogoyo's Japanese restaurant--a lovely new place with wonderful ambience that is quite popular and was crowded even at lunch on Saturday.  Afterwards, we went shoe shopping next door for athletic shoes--woo hoo.  Okay, so that's not that romantic, except it was kind of fun.

He planned to grill steaks for dinner, but alas, there was a rib-eye run at the meat market...and a T-bone run...and sirloin run...so we ended up with tilapia and shrimp--probably much more heart healthy anyway.

And speaking of hearts, I reached to the table to pick up my wine glass and noted a black box where there had not previously been one.  What a surprise--and all of this from the most unromantic guy I have ever known--who scoffs at Valentine's day, Mother's day, and basically any day in which one is "expected" to purchase a gift for someone because it is a declared "special" day--declared special by the retailers and marketing industry, that is.

I must say, it was all a nice surprise anyway and a splendid day.


olemisskim said...

Beautiful necklace! He does have a romantic side!!

Gigi said...

Who woulda thought?! Very nice, Randoman.

Suzassippi said...

Yes, he totally surprised me all day long. Wonder what's up with that? Must be because he wants that Alaskan cruise this summer. :) Or maybe it was my buying him the jacuzzi he wanted.

Happyday said...

Glad to hear you are all doing well. Loved your necklace. I also received a heart necklace from the second most unromantic guy.

Suzassippi said...

Hey, good to hear from you, too, HD! Hope all is well in the great west.