Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Out Building Fences

Little Houdini dog, Roadie, broke through the fence last Sunday.  One section near the patio was of lattice work rather than pickets.  We did a temporary mend--as it was freezing and raining--with puppy kennel wire.  He got through that the same day, but a little more work and we thought we had it.  Nope, next day he just had a new hole to the side of the kennel wire.  The rest of the week was a daily game of Roadie finding a new way to escape and the other dogs telling on him for being in the front yard.  Of course, each escape was met with our pretty much futile efforts to patch the spot until the weekend.  We tried to limit him by leaving him out only long enough to do his business, but he is a quick little thing, and ever the climber since he was a wee pup and figured out how to climb out of his puppy kennel.

I only suffered two minor injuries in the process.  We were carrying the old section of fence to the wood pile and Randy walked right into me and punctured my ankle with a huge nail sticking out of the bottom of the fence.  I said I hoped the massive dose of antibiotics I am taking would kill any thing that might be generated by that nail.  I had a tetanus shot before my last trip to Africa, so I hopefully am good to go.

We were finalizing the last post and he needed me to brace the post while he nailed a 2x4 into it.  Yep, hit me right in the knee with the hammer.  I told him it was going to get difficult to explain all these injuries in ER at the rate he was going.  Even though it was 55 and cool, he was dripping wet with sweat.  He said, "It will be even harder when I pass out in a minute, you kick me to get even, and I am in ER with you trying to explain two broken ribs."  I allowed as how I would never kick him while he was unconscious--or at all, for that matter.  

Randy decided to take the fence back a bit from the original place so that we can either add a storage shed there, or he can level it for a place to park his motorcycle.  It is on the inclined pavement from what used to be the entry into the carport before the carport was turned into a screened porch.  Randy did note that living on a hill is wonderful--until you have to build something on it.

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