Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Simple Rules from Turkey Neck Man

With apologies in advance to Gigi, but I remind you of not long ago when you asked, "Can't you just post something silly?" in response to my Ultimate Reality Show:  Simple rules for living, from the turkey neck man.

When you are wounded, find something to lean on and keep going.
Work hard; climb mountains: you can see more from the top.
Take time to nourish your body.
Don't overindulge; consequences can be unpleasant.

Take time to sing along the way.
Remember good friends, and those who have passed before you.
Change happens; keep the faith.


olemisskim said...

Cool blog Susan! and I do miss our family. thanks for keeping up with me - doesn't feel so alone when I can write to you all!

Gigi said...

Love it, love it! Thanks!

Alaska Steve said...

Great creative post! I have to tell you something - our internet speeds are so dismal out here, it takes awhile before the music on your site loads enough to start playing . . . without fail I jump out of my chair before I remember what it is - just thought I'd give you a grin next time you're changing the song. I always enjoy your selections once my heart stops pounding though! Cheers . . .

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the smile today!


Suzassippi said...

Thanks, all a' ya'll! I will have to find some new music, Steve, and it did make me smile. :) Good to hear from you sa! Greetings from the other sa.

Betty said...

So where did you get turkey man? You're certainly creative! Like your messages.

Suzassippi said...

Justin was building a model for some of his game design and abandoned him before finishing his arms and head. I rescued him from the scrap pile!