Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Enough saving the world; time to clean house

I was inspired by the Unalaska blogs this morning.  We have sunshine, clear blue skies, and a lovely calm, windless day.  While this is the first day I have actually felt pretty good since arriving home from San Pedro, and I have sooooo much to do in terms of cleaning house and unpacking from the San Pedro trip, it is just too beautiful a day not to at least take a mini appreciation of it.
Rex diligently stalking the cat.  I said "no cat."  He stopped, and stayed perfectly still, not advancing toward the cat, but never taking his eyes off her.  Rex does not want to hurt the cat, he just loves to stalk her.  She tends to get a little bent out of shape over the game, however, she never runs from him.
"Hey, dude, leave me alone.  I was taking a nap in this sunshine!"
In numerous places in the yard, the jonquils are starting to emerge.  While someone who was here long before me planted most of them along the driveway, there is one spot in the yard where there are just random clumps of them.  Randy diligently mows around them for me each spring until they finish blooming.  I have actually transplanted some of them to more opportune places, but there are still quite a few in this location.  I am thinking perhaps someone once had a flower bed in that spot, as there is also evidence of some kind of root from a bush of some sort, long dead.
One of the transplanted clumps--these are usually the first to bloom.  Clearly, I need to clean out the flower bed from the winter.  Soon, butterflies will drink at this little water spot, the morning glories that go to seed will start to climb up the fence again, and the whole yard will be a profusion of yellow and white jonquils, and one or two of my irises will bloom.  The irises are the ones I brought from Texas that came from my Grandma's place.  One finally bloomed about the second year we were here, and last year, several bloomed.  I am hopeful one of these days that they all will again.


Gigi said...

Ahhh, flowers coming up! I love that time of year. Ours won't be here for awhile yet. Enjoy the sunshine!

Suzassippi said...

We are! I finally got Rand to help me move the love seat down by the side of the road, and took the lawn mower down that Roadie chewed the pull cord off. The mower is gone already (as I figured would happen--we didn't need it; use the riding one) and I am hoping someone will want a green leather love seat that just has a few cuts in it from Rex's nails! Note to self: Never get leather furniture if the dogs are going to get on it.