Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Friday, January 16, 2009

Goodbye to Negro, his family, and Belize

Last night I went to my favorite place, My Secret Deli, a small little cafe operated by a family, and the home of the dog I came to love, Negro (pronounced nay-grow, as Spanish for black).  I asked if I could take a picture of the family and Negro.  I only had my iPhone, so they are not all that good, but I wanted to take them home with me.  They work breakfast and lunch, take a short siesta mid-afternoon, and then open again for dinner until 9.  I love their tortillas, and think they are the best on the island.
This is Negro and he is 10 months old.  He is the sweetest puppy, and let me pet him and began to recognize me.  He is well trained already, and is bi-lingual. :)

This is fresh blended watermelon, and was absolutely delicious.  It was the perfect compliment to the beans, tortillas, and stewed chicken.
Negro in his spot.  Unless he is called, he stays in the little breezeway by the side door.  Adios, Negro.  You were a good friend while I was in Belize and I will miss you.  I hope you enjoy my goodbye present to you that your familia was kind enough to let me give to you.  


Unknown said...

Hey! Thanks so much for writing so faithfully. I have really enjoyed reading about you adventures and thoughts everyday. I looked forward to getting home and blogging in! So, where are you going next? I want to keep up with you. I'm glad Kim had you to share this experience with. Sharing an experience like this.... priceless! Hope you are home, well, and happy. Lori

Suzassippi said...

Thanks for coming along, Lori. I am home, and have withstood the avalanche of my 5 dogs! I enjoyed my HOT shower, and look forward to my own bed tonight. :)

It was a great experience and one I am grateful to Kim for the opportunity to share. I don't plan to go anywhere except Natchez in March--I am a home body for the next little while, and glad to be here!

Gigi said...

Glad you are home and thanks for sharing your adventures!