Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday holiday!

One of the five cats who hangs on our patio waiting to be fed.  

"I get crazy on a full moon."  Hot and still for the most part tonight, but beautiful.
My favorite of the cinco gatos who have taken up residence on our patio.
My tour guides and assistant chefs tonight: two of Kim's kids.  We went to lunch at my favorite place, with my German Shepherd puppy friend.  Then the girls took me to a store I wanted to find, the meat market, a souvenir shop to pick up a couple of items, and then we went to the grocery store with Kim.  Little sis helped me with my list and big sis helped Kim with her list.   Then B helped me with supper: I made pineapple chicken, zucchini and cumin squash, and dulce de leche bread pudding, while B cleaned and cut the chicken and made the coconut rice.  b set the table and helped us clean up the kitchen.  It was so fun with the girls, who are most polite and smart, and helped me with my Spanish again.  If I stayed here for 5 months, too, I think I might get much better at it!

B and b's brother came by with a couple of his friends, and we finally sent them all home so we could go to bed.  I wanted to walk them home, but they told me (and Kim and Ernesto confirmed) they were safer to go without me.  I said since they had been going without me for all these years, I could see that, but it was hard for me to think of them walking all that far at night.  

I am about to head off to bed, but this has been a most enjoyable and fun day, and full of learning and excitement.  I MUST work on my writing tomorrow though, so we told the children no play for us tomorrow!

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