Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Post script to Wednesday

Kim got home from her home visit and rested while I cooked pepper and tomato quesadillas for dinner.  I love the vegetable stand across the street, and got acorn squash and zucchini for tomorrow, and Johnson is supposed to bring us some fish.  I had wonderful fish at lunch today at school, and asked Ms. Rosalie how to do it and she told me.  I got the limes and the garlic and the pepper for it, and Johnson will bring us the fish.  (He is most worried about all my vegetarian cooking last night and if Kim is going to survive.)  I have left over pan dulce, so may make some bread pudding tomorrow night as well.  Hmmm....I wonder if I could find some dulce de leche here and make dulce de leche bread pudding?  I will have to ask.  

For now, I am about to head to the pool and cool off before a little writing and off to bed.  We went to bed early last night and we both felt much better today--except for Kim's noseeums, which are a bit better now that she has meds for them.  She looks like she has chicken pox!


olemisskim said...

I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate Susan working here with me. She has been a Godsend and is helping me to ease into the work without being totally overwhelmed! I am so glad that she is with me as I start this journey into the unknown. I do not want to even think about her leaving next week to go home. We are working hard but finding time to relax and play a little. Susan is the best cook too! I am sure going to miss that too! She can use what she has here and make it good! Buenos Dias!Kim

Suzassippi said...

Muchas gracias, Kim. :)