Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Friday, January 9, 2009

Susan works on Spanish for her home visit

Yesterday was quite the busy day.  I did an initial interview of a child for Kim--she had so many to do.  I did a follow up visit on Bonita--she had had a mishap with the knee already and it opened up and was bleeding.  It appeared as if her bandages had not been changed and I surmised that the home had not had the needed items since the caregiver is unable to leave the house.  I did documentation, errand running, helped organize and document the items in the medicine room, worked on the Spanish I needed to make the home visit after school so I did not have to ask Mr. Cruz to come with me again.

Finally, Kim and I headed to the apartment via one home visit, a stop at Ms. Vern's and I checked at the two grocery stores and vegetable stand across the street as I discovered on leaving the school that I am missing my credit card and the $150 Belize I got last night.  Nada.  I called the laundry just in case I had left it in the pocket of the capris I was wearing yesterday.  Nada.  Just as we were about to head to the pharmacy, Ernesto called and said he would come pick us up in his golf cart.  Yeah! 

A stop at the pharmacy and picked up the supplies to clean and dress Bonita's wound, got two pills of my heart medication as I had miscalculated and would run short, and then out to Bananas way south of town.  I made my way back to the apt with only telling Ernesto one wrong turn, which I immediately realized and he corrected.  He is very gracious, very generous and everything is "not a problem."  

We got to the house and I communicated in my limited Spanish, but had carefully prepared the questions, asked the caregiver to speak slowly for me, and able to ensure the instructions for the cleaning and dressing of the wound were understood.  (Tres vesas al dia y tambien  dos vesas al dia are my two new phrases.  :)  We also checked on the situation of the caregiver and instructed Bonita to let us know if she needed anything.  I am going to try to make another visit on Saturday, or possibly Sunday since we will be over there for church anyway as there is no school today so we will not see Bonita until Monday.

After the visit, Ernesto took us on a tour of the area, and I saw crocodiles in the lagoon!  I also met a young boy who makes and sells anklets, bracelets, and necklaces.  I bought an anklet that is really unique looking and being the good salesman he was, he showed me a necklace that would look really good with it. :)  So, okay, it is the first one I had bought so I got them both.  They actually went nicely with what I was wearing. 

A stop at Joe's, Sandbar, The Boat Dock (or something), a grocery store, and then the deli (where my new best friend the German Shepherd lives) and from there, I walked down the beach home and let Kim and Ernesto continue with their jaunts.  I was very tired by then and ready to call it an evening.  The evening was nice for walking on the beach and I was only a couple of blocks from home.

Now I am off to the shower, over to the police station to file a report per my credit card company's request even though the card is now cancelled, and who knows what I may find to do on my unexpected day off.  There is no school today as the teachers are all in a workshop!

Adios, por ahora!


Unknown said...

Hey Susan. I'm enjoying your blog. Take care and be safe!

Suzassippi said...

Thanks,Lori. As you know, this is an awesome place!