Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Los Arcos and Llano Estacado

Yes, it was a bit difficult with Randy, me and Kate all sleeping in a regular sized bed last night. It has been quite the while since we had to do that! But, Princess Kate is very spoiled and she loves her people. I was taking her outside this morning and she almost pulled my arm off trying to chase the cat before we got to the fenced part of the yard. It's like a park for her out there, with all kinds of new smells and things to look at.

I worked on my book review for a while this morning, then we headed to town to eat lunch with Jimmy W at Los Arcos. Guacamole enchiladas--my favorite! Jim showed us his new house he is gutting to re-do and all about his plans for it. It will be very nice and I put in my order for an arch over the professional stove--I asked for an AGA, copper vent-a-hood, and two wine refrigerators (one for red and one for white) since he was going to all that trouble. It will seem strange to go visit him and not be in the house I helped him remodel after he bought his first house. If we were ready to retire, I'd want to buy it and move next door to him.

We had to make a stop at the United and get things so I could cook supper for Chet, and some cat food for Jimmy's inherited cat, Rudy. Since his father died, Jim sort of inherited Rudy. He even lets him in the house and sleeps on the bed on cold nights. Rando gave him a really hard time for letting a cat in his house and he won't let Kate in the house when we visit. :) I also got a bottle of Llano Estacado for supper--somehow when I am in Texas, I just always feel like I have to have a bottle. Llano Estacado has come a long way since someone first got the idea to put a vineyard out in the staked plains near Lubbock.

I worked on my book review some more, took a nap, and then cooked supper. Now I am in my jammies, about to go find a fan to sit under. It is 80 degrees in here and Chet is cold, so no chance of turning it down. I am in a tank and shorts, thinking of going out to sit on the porch steps. :)

We drove by our old house, and it did not evoke any emotion in me this time, but being in Jim's house did--I felt a sense of nostalgia and lonesomeness for all the good times we have shared there over the years and wonder where the time has all gone.


Kathi said...

Haha- I know what you mean about dogs in bed. We have a king sized bed, but Neptune, who's just a little Boston terrier, thinks he owns it. He gets under the covers and always manages to position himself so that I'm about hanging off my side. Then Sazoo, the 25 pound cat, comes in and plants himself on my head. No wonder I never sleep. Welcome back to Texas! How long will you visit?

Suzassippi said...

I am headed to my folks Tuesday, back here Friday to pick up Randy and then we go home Saturday. If my body can survive that long! I moved to the couch last night, and with the grandfather clock going off every half hour, that was just a different type of nightmare!