Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve in a blizzard

Yesterday afternoon I was out in the pasture in a tank top, taking photos in the 75 degree weather. The temperature started to drop around 10 last night, and just now on my way in to town for groceries, this is the visibility, and worsening. We are under blizzard warning until 6 tonight. Thank goodness I am in the Avalanche with 4 wheel drive. Took me an hour to get 2 inches of ice and snow off the windshield--I am buying an ice scraper while I am in the store.
This was the driveway view while I sat in the truck waiting for it to warm up.
Here in the store I was having a latte and catching up on email when my niece (the one who lived with me for a year in Mississippi) came down the aisle. We visited a bit and since they are now not going out of town, I will go see them tonight after I cook dinner.

Guess it is time to get those groceries bought and go scrape ice and snow off the windows again and get back home!

It's a White Christmas after all--first one in quite some while.


Gigi said...

Wow! You might as well be here! :) Happy Christmas to all.

Betty said...

Or N.J.! Only in Texas would that happen! Hope you enjoy your stay and wish you a wonderful New Year!