Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Another Semester is Over

Yesterday was the final day of class for the semester.  The last group had the topic "Creating a Multicultural Society in Mississippi."  As I arrived in the classroom, one student was standing outside the door, and two more were walking in in front of me.  The one took a deep breath, looked at me and said, "I am trying to prepare myself."  One of the two said, "Is she here yet?"  "Right behind you." :)

My usual instructions:  Just relax, have FUN with it; listen, and respond accordingly.

They were the most incredible group!  Achieved a "perfect 10" score, and I do not ever recall that happening.  What made that possible was the way that the group so interacted with each other--truly mutual aid--that it was rarely possible to tell who was the actual facilitator for the section and I had forgotten my list.  They emerged from the "I" to the "It"  (the 'group' rather than just individuals) so quickly that it was difficult to say who was actually leading that particular stage of the group!  Now that is group!  

Once again, I was impressed with their skills, but more so, with their critical thinking and the depth of their thinking about the topic.  They had some excellent points, examples, and awarenesses.  At one point, someone said, "We already have a multicultural society; the issue is accepting that."  Perhaps that should be the topic of the next group--"Promoting acceptance of a multicultural society in Mississippi."

At any rate, I am more confident in the possibility of that after yesterday's group.

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Gigi said...

Man, that gives me hope!!