Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Friday, December 5, 2008

Colour Revolt

I've added a new function to my blog--the play list.  Featured right now are songs from Colour Revolt.  The lead singer, Jesse Coppenbarger, graduated last May from the social work program at Ole Miss.  I had the fun of teaching him in 3 of the advanced practice classes, and not only is he a talented singer and song writer and musician, he had a natural ability to connect with clients.  Give him a listen, and see if you can find a copy of "Moses of the South."  I predict we will keep hearing from him.


Gigi said...

Very cool! I can hear some of it but it cuts in and out with my terrible internet connection. Sounds like a neat guy all the way around.

Suzassippi said...

He really was! I have one of his CDs and have heard him do a mini concert--he is good.

Betty said...

Like it! You sound like a proud mama!

Alaska Steve said...

Great music but like Jane, it cuts in and out. Our internet speed out here in Unalaska is truly abysmal!

Suzassippi said...

Don't I know after spending 5 weeks in St. Paul last summer! It is even worse than Unalaska! Colour Revolt is awesome though, and have quite a variation in terms of music style.