Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Monday, December 1, 2008

Things are always better with a little time

The students did well on their last exam today (yes, the exam I finally managed to find).  Best of all, the first group of students who were doing their final group where they have to actually "do" a group on a pre-assigned topic did an awesome job.  I was so impressed at how they worked together and demonstrated such cohesion, as well as all the requisite skills.  It was a nice feeling for me, too, to realize that they have mastered the essentials in terms of knowing and being able to facilitate a group.

I made it home in time to cook a roast dinner for my family (I would worry less about this if not for my father-in-law's visit and his need to eat regularly) and have enjoyed a pleasant evening with my dogs and family.

Yes, even in the midst of rain, then snow, then sleet, all of which we have had today, and in the midst of holes in the floor, leaking pipes and $135 plumbing bills (money well spent and well earned, I might add), it has been a good day.  


Betty said...

Everyone should have a good day! You are such a busy bee cooking for all. If I remember correctly, you like to cook anyway. Congrats to you with your obvious teaching skills that made your students do well!

The Graywolf said...

Not everything is better with a little time. Some common examples are overripe bananas, clotted milk, rotten eggs and extreme old age, when a little time may be more than you have left. I think Pliny said that, but it might have been Yoko Ono.