Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hello Texas

Today was the last day of the semester; I have graded all but the last 10 papers and plan to finish those shortly so I can post grades.  Thank goodness for Internet and the ability to post grades from any computer.  One year, I posted them from South Africa!  How awesome was that?

I am off to Texas in the morning to take my father-in-law home after his two week visit.  He is really ready to go--all packed and stacked and waiting impatiently for the next 12 hours to pass.  It has been a blessing and a joy to have him here, but I know he is ready for his own bed, his own bathroom, his own house and routine that does not include juggling dogs all over the place.  He is easy to get along with, eats what is put in front of him and says thank you and tells me over and over what a good cook I am.  

I will be there for a couple of days before heading off the Graham to see my family for a few days, and then it is back to Mississippi, building another shower, and getting ready for my trip to Belize January 2.  I feel pretty confident this second shower will go much quicker after my experience with the first one.  

The Belize trip will be for the purpose of research as Kim and I continue to work on the plan to implement the South African child maltreatment prevention model.  While community work is always a vacation for me as I enjoy meeting new people and going to new places, it will also present some actual vacation time.  We have to go from the island of San Pedro (where we will work) back to the mainland and while there, will see the Mayan ruins, and some other place Kim told me about where she has to go for work since she will be there for 5 months.  Belize will give lots of opportunities to take pictures and have stories of interest about a different culture.

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Gigi said...

Have a safe and enjoyable trip, forget the shower for awhile, and have some fun! Belize sounds great and will be here before you know it.