Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Laundry on Saturday Night

I'm lying here on my elevated air bed too tired to post! We had another early start today but I slept better last night so was more energetic even for a Saturday morning.

After breakfast, Dr. Moore and the graduate students began the asset mapping process. The undergrad students and I photographed and catalogued the contents of the building we were assigned. That took most of the morning.

It had begun a light mist by then and we took a snack break and time to discuss and answer questions. The Mayor and a couple of his friends were smoking ribs for us and the smell was mouth-watering. We headed back to the building, now joined by one of the grad students and accomplished some major clean-up in the hall and two front rooms, plus part of a third room. Supper was supposed to be ready mid-afternoon so we wrapped up and headed back to the facility to shower and eat. Several other of our new friends were there and the Mayor's wife made spaghetti to go with the ribs and chicken. All I can say is yum!

After clean-up, we found the local laundry-the A and A Washing System-I love that name! We needed to wash our clothes from today's clean-up. I love a good visit to a laundry and while we were waiting, told them the story of The Church of the Cleansing Waters in Lottabusha County. We took a few iPhone photos to document the occasion, of course, but since they are not on the iPad, they will have to wait.

After laundry, we made our daily visit to the dollar general where we are so common place now, the cashier finally asked if we were staying there, so we explained our work here this week and what a great time we were having.

It's been much quieter tonight than it was last night and we have free time in the morning so everyone is looking forward to sleeping a little later and relaxing before more work tomorrow afternoon. I will have a lot of exciting pictures to post after getting back home and to regular Internet instead of on the iPad, but I confess to loving this little bit of technology!

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