Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sissy's list of honey-do's for a rainy Saturday morning

My sister asked baby brother to replace a gas connector valve in preparation to get ready for winter and needing heat again in the house.  He and dad worked together for years in their construction business, so there is not much he does not know how to do.  Not having known this in advance however, he had no work clothes with him when they came for the weekend.  He went out to the shop, and found an old pair of Dad's discarded work boots--Dad is size 12 and Russ is size 7.5--pretty amusing.  He found an old pair of Dad's work pants in the shop's rag bin, and I found an old long sleeved shirt.  That was necessitated by his learning he was going to have to crawl under the house--something no one likes to do, but certainly not wearing shorts and sandals.
He needed someone to aim the light where he could see enough to crawl in and around a foundation wall to get to where he needed to go, so I drew short straw.  I was wearing an old pair of Mom's shoes, and still had on my pajama bottoms when he decided he needed help.  It had rained heavily all morning, so everything was wet and muddy.  I was trying to keep peace with the small spider next to the foundation, promising him if he did not mess with me, I would not mess with him.
It only took a minute, but turning around and crawling back out was much more difficult.  Crawling under houses was his least favorite part of their work, and it hasn't gotten any better in the years since he changed professions.
We declared the shirt beyond even Tide and Shout, and relegated it to the shop's rag bin as well.  I had finally located the tree loppers to get the branches off the side of the house, and went out in a break in the rain to finish that task, when suddenly it started pouring again.  I was wet already, so it just seemed to make sense to go ahead and finish.  I was putting the tools away when bro came out to the shop to ask me why I was out in the rain. Well, it wasn't raining when I started this job!  However, since you are out here wet, too, will you help me reattach Rio's feed bin to the fence?

Mom and Tinka have gone to bed; now if I can just get Dad to go, I am headed that way myself.  The Gene Autry marathon this evening has zapped the rest of my energy for this day!

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