Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Screen Block Bingo: Winston Furniture Company in Louisville

Back in February, TR over at Preservation in Mississippi suggested a new travel game: Screen Block Bingo.  The idea was to spot varieties of masonry screen block using the guide, and then shout "Screen block bingo!" loudly enough for all MissPresers to hear when you found them all.  Now, I have spotted a number of designs of screen block since then, including this spiffy number in Louisville yesterday, but not a one of them appear on TR's screen block bingo sheet.  I am starting to suspect a rigged game here.

I spotted this multi-colored panel while driving down Main Street and had to circle the block to get back around for a photograph.  It is listed as circa 1950 (no other information) on the Mississippi Department of Archives and History/Historic Resources Inventory database.  Manta identified the company as established in 1948. 
 Joyce Owens explains architectural screen blocks in an interesting post that helped me understand why I might not be able to locate this pattern.  While there were standardized units, there were also exclusive patterns, and regional patterns, and hundreds of different designs.  That makes me feel a lot better, TR!
 I loved the terms Owens used:
...aesthetically pleasing...elegant and transparent functional works of art with that space age, futuristic feel of the era...geometric repetition--regularized patterns put together to form more complex rhythmic configurations.
Couple that with this Mondrian-inspired sign, and it's futuristic arrow shape, and it was indeed, "aesthetically pleasing" to me.  For a plethora of examples of screen block--including some of the most stunning I have ever seen, check out the Flickr link!

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