Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday chores done, ready for a road trip!

 Tinka, dad, and I were sitting out on the deck last night, waiting for my brother to arrive.  My cousin Billy Bob (yes, that is really his name) drove up instead.  Billy lives a few miles down the road from Mom and Dad, and he drops by occasionally, though this is the first time I have seen him in several years--actually, 8 years as we were here at the same time for Dad's 80th birthday.  I finally had to go inside to fix some supper as Mom had not eaten since her "lunch" at 3:30.
We were just finishing up when they walked in the door.  We had to look at pictures of grandkids, and hear the stories about the new dog, Oscar.  They left their 3 dogs home with a sitter, as Tinka does not play well with others.  She is used to being the queen of the house and doesn't always like human visitors.

I woke early this morning, and since I have to head up to Abilene today and see Rand's dad, I got up and went out to feed.  Rio and Jenny were at the gate this morning.  Once he knows I am here, he knows he gets fed earlier than usual.  It's kind of nice to have someone depend on you, and know there is consistency when you are there.  I mean he gets fed regularly, twice a day, but usually later in the morning and earlier in the afternoon, as those are the hours Bert is here.  Jenny took her treat from my hand this morning, and even allowed a little nose rub before I dumped her feed.  Simple pleasures--for me, maybe Jenny, hard to know if she cares.  Rio, on the other hand, is my boy and he loves his petting and hand feeding treats.

I got the saw from the shop and went out to saw off a few dead limbs that are hanging too low by the shop and keep threatening to poke me in the eye if I am not paying attention.  I have a few more to do, but I settled for those in the pathway this morning.

I need the shower in the back bathroom, but my bro and his wife are sleeping in the back bedroom, so I am trying to be patient until everyone else gets up.  And now, I hear folks laughing and the coffee pot rattling, so someone is in the kitchen!  I have to get ready and on the road to Abilene for my other half of the family duties, and about an hour of New Deal research on a couple of places there.  Better get to it, daylight's burning.

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