Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, September 22, 2013

High-tech in Cool Springs

 Our hotel is like being in a space ship to me.  I have fallen in love with retro chic, or what is called atomic ranch in some circles.  It is simplicity in a nutshell, and very efficient.  I feel like I am on the Starship Enterprise.  It's all clean lines and minimalism, functional, but both pleasing and soothing on the eye, with pops of color, light, metals, concrete, in the public area.

The shower is a huge walk-in thing with snazzy tile, a seat bench, two floor drains (the trademark square W drain like we have at home in our walk-in shower).  Function, form, and beauty.  It is also accessible (I read that all of their rooms are) with curving grab bars in the shower, and a variety of grab bars around the toilet.  The shower head can be disconnected to use as a hand held, swiveled in any direction 360, and raised or lowered on a bar, so that one could sit and shower without getting drowned, or shower children.  I am wishing I could take this bathroom home to my folks--it is exactly what they need.  The beauty is it is functional while still being attractive.  (I will get a photo later, but as Rand is in it right now, we will hold off on the photography.)

Last night we selected a spot for dinner in downtown Franklin.  On the way, it occurred to us it was Saturday night, and we would have a wait.  I decided that Franklin downtown is like Oxford downtown, meaning people everywhere all the time, and no parking!  We parked behind the building and trekked halfway across the lot, down the alley, halfway up the block to the street, and then the half block to the restaurant.  It was 7:20....and our table would be ready at 8:45.  We declined, and hiked the trek back to my car.  (Note: Franklin has taken a cue from University and has no ADA parking anywhere near the main center of town.)  The Franklin Theatre was what caught my eye on my first trip with J when I came with him to the doctor.  At least I got that photo even if I did not get bananas foster bread pudding.

We opted for Bonefish near our hotel, and it turned out to be an excellent choice.  First, they thoughtfully had an ADA space right in front of the door.  It was only a 30 minute wait, but when we sat down at the bar to wait, we found out we could eat at the bar.  Worked for us!  Our charming bartender, Jackie, took good care of us, and the baja cajun fish tacos were superb. (Note to Rich, they are a totally different taste than your fish tacos--but still very good.  We now pronounce them the best fish tacos after Rich's invention).

And now, it's my turn to get in the space-age super shower and see what the rest of the day brings!

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