Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WPA Post Office, Graham, and Young County Courthouse

The Graham Post Office was built in 1935-36 at a cost of $60,000.  It was one of the depression-era federally funded projects built by the Works Progress Administration.  One of a number of the Moderne style post offices on the 1930s, it still retains an intact mural by regional painter Alexandre Hogue.
These sculptural metal lights still work, and I have driven past them many a night when I was a teenager growing up here.
The decorative aluminum grillwork and zig-zag stone friezes were also common to the style.  US Treasury architect Louis A. Simon designed the building.  
The Young County courthouse was constructed in 1932.  Materials are limestone, concrete with granite.  
Architects were Withers and Thompson, and the building was designed in Moderne style.  This courthouse replace the 3-story limestone courthouse that was demolished in 1932.
The detail work above doors represents the history of the area, including cattle drives, settlement and expansion west, and the demise of the Native American population following the establishment of Fort Belknap.

This sandstone arch was from the 1884 courthouse.  Native sandstone for the two-story structure was quarried east of Graham by Irish workers.  Chief stonemason was N. J. Rosenquist, a native of Sweden and builder of Texas courthouses.


Gigi said...

I always loved the old courthouses in the square of every small Texas town. They seem to have such character and are often the coolest building around.

Suzassippi said...

I know--me, too. Someday I am going to do a courthouse road trip!