Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Monday, August 1, 2011

Jack County, Texas Courthouse

The Jack County Courthouse, Jacksboro, Texas is located on the square of the center of downtown.  This courthouse was built in 1940, and is the 4th courthouse built for Jack County.  Architects were Voelcker and Dixon, who were sometimes referred to as the "Fathers of Architecture" in Texas, and held one of the earliest licenses in the state.  This Art Moderne courthouse is constructed of stone and bears many details.  It reminded me of some of the courthouses built by WPA, though I can find no indication this is a WPA building.

The building is currently undergoing renovations.  You can read more about the renovations here.
I will be watching the renovations with a hopeful eye as to the outcome.  More postings about historic downtown Jacksboro later this week.  For now, let's see if I can handle 3 days of triple digit temperatures here in hot and dry Texas.  It's a far cry from the green of my Lottabusha County hillside at the moment.


Midway Records said...

I've worked at the courthouse for over 20 years and the renovations have been needed for a while. The inside also needs work, but that will have to be done much later...money issues. If you did not see the inside, there are many beautiful things inside. I have a few posted on my blog, but if you're ever back this way take time to come inside and look around!

Suzassippi said...

I hope to be back on the late fall, and would love to see inside!