Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

On being home again...

 I have been off the grid of late, and there is this teeny little window of opportunity.  I am thinking about how often that happens in "real life" and we fail to appreciate it.  I have finally been able to locate my iPad just right, and by standing on one leg while wearing a copper bracelet and wearing a tin foil hat, secure a signal that has actually enabled me to use the Internet to do some vital needed research.  I admit it, I am superstitious and afraid if I move the iPad, I will be adrift in the land without Internet again, so I am perched on the side of the bed, stretching across 18 inches to reach the keyboard, fearful to breathe lest my signal disappear into the gorgeous Texas night sky.

I arrived "home" in Graham Friday morning after an overnight in Arlington, and picking up my great nephew from church camp at 8 a.m.  Sis and her grandson were off to Colorado for the annual two week camping trip with her late husband's family and I am here to be back-up "fetcher and toter"--another leg in the journey of uncharted territory.

Four days into the two weeks, and I have likened it to the non-custodial parent having the kids for the once a month weekend visit.  It is always fun and games, because NCP (non-custodial parent) does not have the same responsibilities and the kids just get to have fun.  So, mom and I have had way too much fun because she just wants to hang out with me.  I keep looking up to see her doing things she does not do....walking down to the corral because she wanted to watch me feed Rio...getting up at 7 this morning to come see if I was "ready to go to town yet."

It is the two-edged sword.  At times like this, it is the mother I remember, and with whom I spent so many wonderful times.  I want her to enjoy more, to try more, to do more.  And, perhaps, it is also that we need the balance--that we give and take so as to make the best of what sometimes is a no-win situation.  I know my sis carries the burden day in and day out, and I also know that most of the time she does it joyfully and willingly.  She is just turned that way.

I love doing what it is that I do and can do, and tend to think it is the all important "system" and how honoring that keeps us in balance.  I am not just playing or entertaining while I am here, no more than Sis is always working.  I mowed this morning, and weeded, and fed, and planted, and cleaned, and fetched and toted and waited...But, I also bought a bird feeder and seed, and a hummingbird feeder and nectar, and got Mom to help me put them up this evening.  Purpose is everything. 


Beth said...

What a wonderful perspective - good advice for our world that has lost its sense of purpose and our "system" of family and caring for one another. Copper bracelet for internet reception - sounds like a new trend.

Suzassippi said...

It has worked for us so far. :)

Jane said...


Lana Pugh said...

I love going to my parents on the weekends because I know I'll have absolutely no cell phone coverage for a few hours. I'll leave my phone in the car and just enjoy being home and talking with my parents. Heaven.