Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kerdi...the choice of pros, like Suzassippi

Okay, I am not a tiling/Kerdi putting up expert, but I am pretty handy with both, and I figure if Kerdi is the choice of pros--which it is for many of them--it's my choice, too.  Rand and I had a great experience with Kerdi doing our master bath shower, which you can read about here.
If you have been dropping by Lottabusha County for the last several years, oh, like since 2008 when I ripped out this bathroom, you know it has been a lot slower going back in.  After last year's knee surgery and this year's hip surgery knocked me out of plans to finish, Rand had to go and have shoulder surgery and throw the summer schedule off.  Nonetheless, I said I would finish it before the fall semester began...
My summer was busier than I had originally anticipated, so with it almost over, I finally got around to cleaning off the porch so I could find my tools and have some work space, and this last Saturday, I measured and cut Kerdi and prepped.  Sunday, I put up the Kerdi...which involves mixing mortar, a fourth of a bag at a time, which involves weighing mortar and measuring water, mixing using a mortar paddle and drill, and putting up with a trowel, notching, then putting up the Kerdi, then smoothing with the flat side of the trowel to ensure adhesion.  Now that does not sound all that difficult, except the mortar is heavy, I have to bend over, pick it up on the trowel, smooth it on--and it is kind of thick and hard to work with.  Bending over and picking up is still one of those things that gives my hip a pause, as in it is not really comfortable to do yet.  So, by Sunday evening when I finished, I was "whupped out."
Then, I had to pack and drive 14 hours to Texas come Monday morning.  I had a smooth and uneventful trip, even getting an average of 54 mpg with my 4 spiffy new tires on the Lexus hybrid.  Thus, I did not need much stopping for gas, and surprisingly, only had to take a short nap once, and a 30 minute break at World Market in Fort Worth.  (Yes, I needed that tea, lamp shade, candles, grapefruit and tangerine shower gel, and bottle of wine.)  I could have bought a whole lot more--I love that store.  It gave me enough of a second wind to get the last hour and a half home.

Mom and Dad were still up and we visited a bit before bedtime.  I might as well have stayed up--I was so wired after the long drive that I felt as if electric currents were coursing through my legs, and I could not get comfortable nor unwind enough to sleep.  I was awake until after 4 AM, thinking about all the things that need doing in the next few days--as if that will get any of them done anyway. 

I was up at 6:30 to go feed Rio and Jenny (yep, babies, Suzy's back!) and get the paper for Dad.  Then, a morning spent responding to emails from work, trying to get a bit of research done while Mom and Dad slept all morning.  After that, it was time to do the pharmacy run, the WalMart run, and the grocery store run.  Lunch and more naps, mixed in with a few fun stories.  When it is not a circus or a crisis around here, there are even some fun moments that we all enjoy.

Since everyone is napping and I am a bit weary, I am back in the "back forty" as we always called the bedroom and bath in the back part of the house that was my bro's room growing up, then later Mom and Dad's.  Now, it is a seldom used guest room, although since my sis is here pretty much full time now, she has used it.  She gets cold, and the one in the front (our old room) has the air condtioner.  It is quiet, pleasant with the windows open and the breeze, the ceiling fan, and the bed is comfy.  When she is not "on duty" with a shortage in caregivers, it is a nice escape for a bit of privacy and peace and quiet.  Thus, here I am escaping since she is not back yet, and D is cooking supper and taking care of Dad while he naps in the den.

I might take a nap myself before time to feed in a bit.  I heard Jenny out there braying a minute ago, as they know I am here and are announcing it is supper time.  Their timing is a bit off though, as no, not quite Jennybelle--go graze some more or you will just think it is time for breakfast sooner.
I have meanwhile, been enjoying the use of my birthday present from Rand--a keyboard and stand for my iPad.  It lets me use the iPad like a computer, but is easier and lighter to tote.  I think I might prop it on the exercise bike and see how it works there.


Beth said...

Hmmm, I have 2 40+ year old bathrooms that need re-doing. Not sure if I could do what you are doing! And, that rest stop at World Market sounds like my kind of stop!

Suzassippi said...

Darn, for a minute there, I thought you were going to offer me a job. :) At lunch the other day, I said something about tiling the bathroom and a person I had not met before looked at me incredulously and said, "You can tile?" My friend said, "Oh yes, she can do anything." I corrected that no, I could not do anything, but I can do a lot. The benefits of having a father who was an expert tile man, carpenter, painter, cabinet maker, etc.

Lana Pugh said...

I have not one but two bathrooms that need redoing. I keep putting it off and all I really need to do is rip off some wallpaper and repaint. I'll provide the feed if you provide the labor! LOL!

Suzassippi said...

Woo hoo, can I pick from your foodie Fridays what I want to eat? :)