Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lynn's Bench

 After a week of doing things here at Mom and Dad's, Sis and I drove up to Elbert to the cemetery Friday morning.  She wanted me to see Lynn's headstone, which they finally were able to finish.  She and Lynn had talked about it and decided they wanted a bench.  Just behind the bench, the headstone with the white flowers on it is Mama and Papa--my maternal grandparents.  Jane and Lynn were very close to Mama and Papa due to their living on the coast at the same time for years.  Lynn said he wanted to be buried at Papa's feet.  It is a small country cemetery, and many of my maternal relatives are buried there.
I don't know who mows the cemetery, but they had not finished the most recent sections--though most of it is dead brown grass anyway.  August is the hottest and driest month generally, although we got a fair rain yesterday, and it is thundering and dark clouds at the moment, and raining all around us, and temperature has dropped and cooled down to a pleasant 95 at the moment, due to clouds and wind.

When I was a child, I was fascinated by the graves with the shells on them, though time and the elements have taken their toll on most of the ones in Elbert.  My great-grandmother's grave has them.  We wandered through the family plots, talking about the ones we remembered, the ones we didn't, but knew to whom they "belonged" and a couple of the names that I was unsure of the relationship.  Sis filled in the blanks on a couple of them, and I had to ask Mom about a couple when we got back to the house.  The family history is fascinating to me--both those I knew and those who came long before me.

We stopped off at the small grocery store in Newcastle on the way back for bread, eggs, an apple, and some cool drinks.We had decided on tuna salad sandwiches for lunch.  We were headed out to Sissy's house for me to help her with some housecleaning and chores.  She spends so much time over here at Mom and Dad's, or running errands for them or taking them somewhere, that she seldom has time to take care of her own house.

We cleaned house for Mom as the regular housekeeper was unable to do it on her usual day this week, and it was getting a little gnarly by today.  Now I am contemplating a nap, what with Rio fed and my nodding off over the computer.  Definitely a good plan before heading to the shower, though sis will be back to get me in a couple of hours as we have more errands to accomplish before the weekend is done!  Time to go home, in order to rest!


Beth said...

Be sure to write down what you know about the graves and who they belong to; so often those older graves get forgotten. The bench is a nice memorial!

LindaRe said...

I, too, like the bench as a memorial.

Suzassippi said...

Thanks, Beth and LindaRe. I liked the bench, too, and the idea of being able to sit. I used to go to my Grandpa's grave all the time and talk to him, and since his grave was closest to the road, I could just open the car door, swing my legs around, and sit and visit. The bench is definitely better--unless it is raining.

We do have a fairly extensive family history, and the cemetery has been recorded on the GenWeb, too.