Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Monday, December 2, 2013

What?!?! Corn Sticks made it higher than Lake Cisco World's Largest Swimming Pool?

For months now, I watch the top posts, always wondering at the "trends" and why they are what they are.  Top posts for a long, long, long time were the "Cotton Pickin' Story" and anything on Mound Bayou.  The last year, it has been the Lake Cisco World's Largest Swimming Pool post…and anything on Mound Bayou.

And today…it was Corn Sticks and Lana's Apple Skillet Cake!  Life is good…and so is Lana's Apple Skillet Cake--It's what's for breakfast.   Ya'll go try it.


NMissC said...

Of course, it's corn sticks! I read that one carefully, because I'm as big a fan of corn sticks as you are, and have my great-great grandmother's corn muffin mold (it makes perfect round ones a smidge bigger than ping-pong balls. If you ever see a cast-iron mold like that, let me know. I don't know how I'll give each of my two kids their great-great-great grandmother's cast iron, although I hope this question is years away).

But then, I've blogged off-and-on since 2002 or so and have no idea what people will and won't read. So I write about what I care about and hope someone else cares, too.

Suzassippi said...

So true! I'll keep an eye out for one of them, but I think they are pretty much a rarity these days.