Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Sunshine Odyssey

 Both today and yesterday, the sun is out full-force.  Yesterday, the sound of melting ice tinkled throughout the morning, and my car windshield was an ice sculpture with circles of crystals fanning out across it.  I did not see much of the sunshine yesterday, though, leaving my office finally after dark, driving home in the moonlight and finding the cats meowing at the back door.
 After the final was over, my students gave me "a little Christmas happy"--a Peace candle.  I came home last night and lit it, thinking of how easy it is to become overwhelmed with the end of the semester--for me as well as them.  I have been a grad student, so I know they are stressed and looking to cut corners.  I--as a grad student--did experience stress, but I don't recall trying to cut the corners.  I was so excited to be in grad school, and learning all this wonderful new stuff--hearing theories that enabled me to make sense of so many things and give a language to what I knew but did not know how to express--just fueled me to dig deeper, read more, research more, write more.
 They also threw in a pair of happy feet--little pink and white fuzzy socks.  I was also touched by the "warm fuzzy" of the socks, and thinking about how we seek to nurture and warm those who are important to us.  A tiny gesture, but one that had me smiling as I was sitting at the computer last night, dealing with giving the clinical comprehensive examination for the umpteenth time these past two weeks.
Sometimes, Libby seems to worry when I am sitting here with chair turned around, feet on the bed, listening to music and just staring at the wall.  She has such a pliable little face, with her Shar Pei "sand skin" wrinkles and her big head the most distinctive feature about her mixed ancestry.  It is uncanny how she will mimic my moods at times, and at others, totally disregard me and snooze.  Kind of like life, I guess: what you get is what you get.

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