Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mound Bayou Community Development: The Recreation Center

 Monday's post introduced you to the Magic City Italian and Seafood Restaurant that one of the groups designed for our youth-led community development workshop.  This group designed the Mound Bayou Recreation Center: An escape for children, with multiple activities, including basketball courts, tutoring centers, swimming lessons, tennis courts, and soccer fields.
Their plan for accomplishing this feat:
Children volunteer their time and help out,
Have fundraisers,
Protecting our building when it is built. 
This group illustrates some important characteristics in understanding youth and their needs and desires.  First, it indicates that youth do value the importance of physical activity, academic success, and team play.  As we have worked with them on developing upcoming summer activities, physical activities have always been on the list.  They want to succeed academically, and work hard to do so.

Second, it indicates (through their plan for accomplishing obtaining this in the community) that they are willing to help it be a success, they recognize that it takes money to build and sustain community facilities, and also that they are invested in caring for the facility, and have a sense of obligation and commitment for it.

They see the importance of learning to work in teams to accomplish a goal bigger than oneself.

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