Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mound Bayou Marathon: Part III, The Taborian Leg of the Race

 We continued our walk across the street from the Knights and Daughters of the Tabor headquarters to the Taborian Hospital, built by the Knights and Daughters in 1940, and opened in 1942.  I have posted on the Taborian a number of times, and it was another lesson in learning to hear about the hospital from the community members who remember it (it operated until the mid-60s or so), and from the youth who were not born then.
 I also learned about the history of the Sarah Brown Hospital, which was built across the street from the Taborian when the board had a falling out with Dr. Howard.  The Brown is no longer there, but the swimming pool that was part of the zoo is still there, albeit, filled in.  I hope to make a stop there on the next trip.

 I wonder how many of these shallow-bowl sinks are in the hospital?  The sleek design reminds me of many of the newer shallow bowl basins and square basins that are currently in fashion.
We saw the emergency room, which was on the back of the building, and is the part of the building in most deterioration.  It is definitely going to take a lot of work to restore the Taborian, but the City and other local entities continue to work on it.  It will be an exciting moment when someday in the future--hopefully, not too far off--this building once again reflects the pride and hope of this community.  The students did enjoy seeing the picture of how it looked in 1942 when it opened, with awnings over windows, and new paint and the very green of the Taborian Hospital green sign.

Tomorrow, we will cross the street yet again and walk up what remains of downtown, stopping off at the bus depot turned restaurant with some cool vintage items, and the store fronts along Edwards Street.

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