Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mound Bayou Marathon: Conclusion

 After almost 2 hours, and hundreds of photos, we neared the community facility after our detour through the cemetery with its many historic headstones commemorating early members of the community.  The photo above is another one of those examples that I enjoy looking at--the play of the lights on the sheen of the water.  This photo is what finally tipped me off to the yin/yang picture that I had mistakenly thought was some angle on a headstone.
 There was some type of metal tank near the road, and one of the students had gone over to investigate.  The first photo is a closeup of the water in the tank.
 I also liked the play of colors and shapes in this reflection of the bridge and the water.
"How high's the water, Mama?  Six feet high and rising."  (Johnny Cash)

There are so many other wonderful pictures that the students created, and we will be working on some of them for our Art Gallery display between now and January.  We plan a reception at the end of our Wintersession class and will display the work that we have done throughout the fall and during the class.  They will be available for sale, and for the silent auction fundraiser during our March Cultural Diversity workshop as well.

The final post of our Historic Preservation Workshop last weekend will be the video of the girls teaching us how to do the Wobble.  While I clearly am not suited to that genre of dance, as I mentioned yesterday, being from Texas, I can do the Macarena.

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