Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Thursday, December 13, 2012

December on the Taylor hillside

 Normally, I would have been done with work a week ago, after my grades were submitted for the semester.  But, then, nothing much anywhere is "normal" these days.  I pulled into the drive late and was greeted by the eerie sight of a tree full of hawks.  Believe, me, though this does not look eerie, as I had to clean it up so you could even see what it was, it was one of those "do I really want to stand here and take a picture of the Birds, or would I rather just go inside" moments.

 The cats were all meowing for supper, seeing no reason to delay gratification.  Another thing that is not common these days, eh?
Even Fanta was a little freaked out at the sight of all the hawks, perhaps wondering if she could have an early supper, or if she might end up an early supper.
I have one more day to go this week and am optimistic that I can actually finish everything needing to be done by tomorrow...and, the eerie was somewhere in between the first photo and the last photo. Isn't technology great...unless it is not?

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