Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, November 18, 2012

2000 Connecticut: Art Deco Apartments

 This restored nine-story Art Deco building was built in 1936.  The management team of Keener & Squire have interest in historic preservation and have renovated several historic mansions and apartment buildings in the Dupont Circle area of Washington, DC.  Dupont Circle is located in the "old city" of DC, an area planned by architect Pierre Charles L'Enfant.
Hans Wirz and Richard Striner in Washington Deco (1984) described 2000 Connecticut:
...delicate Deco floral patterns in the Calritz illustrates use of limestone and terracotta panels as well as the compact character of Deco floral motifs.
Wentworth Studio describes Art Deco in their Historic Styles/Art Deco Style 1925-1940:
Buildings were richly embellished with hard-edged, low relief designs: geometric shapes, including chevrons and ziggurats, and stylized floral and sunrise patterns.
...architects and developers, especially in Greater Washington, DC, found that the style adapted quite well to apartment buildings...visual interest could be further enhanced by stretching linear forms horizontally and vertically throughout the building...
...frequently done with bands of brick, canopies, or coping.  Doorways are sometimes surrounded with elaborate pilasters and pediments.
Doors were frequently made of aluminum or stainless steel.  These aluminum doors illustrate a chevron design.

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