Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Monday, November 12, 2012

Road (er, sky) Trip: Washington DC

This morning as my friends and colleagues (one and the same) were preparing to check out, I stepped to the window of our hotel room for the last glance this week of our view of the DC skyline at sunrise.  We have laughed and cried, shared stories and meals, presentations and education, and I like to think, moved us and the world a little further along the road to understanding.

 When we arrived in our room the first night, I spotted this magazine on the desk, and whooped with delight, opening it to see what opportunities might be waiting.  We had reservations for Filomena Ristorante in Georgetown, and they did not disappoint.  The meal was wonderful--without a doubt the best Italian cuisine I have ever eaten anywhere.  I splurged on a bottle of chianti reserve recommended by our wait person, after my first two picks were not available.  (I confess, I questioned this, but...)  Not only was I totally impressed, my two non-wine-drinking friends were so enamored that I ordered a second bottle.  I have had the two that were my first picks, and there is no doubt that the one recommended by our enchanting wait person was superior.

After the meal, and our lovely desserts, their custom is to bring a closing complementary after-dinner liqueur and coffee beans.  One is to place three beans in the glass--one each for health, wealth, and happiness--and pour the liqueur over it.  
We toasted our friendship, our common work, and the adventures of the next few days together.  Sometimes, in spite of the things that separate us, there are many more things that bind us together.

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