Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back to the bathroom: Enter laughing

Well, of course he did--something else not done correctly to begin with. Even I know you cannot put ceramic tile with mortar on a fiberboard floor without a moisture barrier. But of course, that is the reason we have had to rebuild everything in the bathrooms anyway--his failure to put down moisture barriers and a shower pan/liner when he shoddily built the shower in the first place. So, once we got to the repair by the drain and the tile had to come up, along came the floor with it. We actually kind of expected that, so were not surprised. It primarily just crumbled.

The option for now was replace the part of the floor necessary to put the sink in and get the vinyl tile down on that part of the floor and wait on the rest of it, since it will necessitate replacing the flooring in all of it, along with taking out the toilet. We don't want to do that until we are ready to replace the toilet and do all the tile. After Randy got the new wood floor in place, I painted it with the primer coat needed before applying the vinyl tile.
Next up was to put this side of the wall in. I will tape and bed it tomorrow (of course, another all day job), put the primer coat on the wall, and then put the tile down on this section.
Libby said thanks for cleaning out her kennel. After that hot and unpleasant task, I went down to the road to cut down 2 pine saplings and a cedar tree that have been beginning to block our view of the highway for the past several weeks. Cars come around the curve far faster than the speed limit anyway, and one needs the best possible view to avoid a collision. It was 97, but felt far hotter than that.

Second shower of the day and I am ready for take-out and to kick back with a movie. After all, tomorrow will be busy enough, and then it's back to work on Monday. Where did the summer go?

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Betty said...

It will probably look fantastic when it is finished!

Libby looks rested on your bed!

We are having low humidity days and in the 80s! I love it! I opened all of the windows and doors and let those breezes in.