Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Partial accomplishment!

Sink and partial tile in our bathroom. That is as much as I will do in here until we finish the hall bath. Tiling the small section, taping and bedding the wall, and putting a primer coat of paint on the wall behind the sink took all morning. Because the new sink is smaller than the old one, I also have to extend the baseboard. I guess Will figured since it did not show, it did not matter if it went all the way to the wall. Either that, or like most other things in here, he cut too short anyway and just nailed it up regardless.

I had to replace the bottom 8 inches of sheetrock on one wall in the hall bath, due to the earlier water damage from when we had to rebuild our shower. While the sink was out, it made sense to texture the back wall. The caulking is in place on the floor and it will all dry overnight. In the morning, I will paint the primer coat on the section of floor I can tile for the moment, and primer the back wall. In the afternoon, I will get the tile installed and then we will be ready to put the new sink in place. Slow going, but at least some accomplishments to celebrate.


Gigi said...

Ahhh, this whole saga wears me out!! Hurray for accomplishments!

Suzassippi said...

If you think it wears you out, you just be on this end of it. :) If nothing else goes wrong (what are the odds of that?), we should be able to finish in the next two weekends.

Funny, my word is "reepick" and if I could 're-pick' houses, you can bet I would!