Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to the Bathroom Remodel

I spent Friday cutting out the wall between the dining room and the hall bathroom. Rand decided that was the only way to get the tub in (all that beautiful plumbing is going to have to come out, and the studs down temporarily while we walk the tub in through the wall opening) since we cannot find a plumber who wants the job. (That is another story: We have had little success in finding workers to assist with the endless repair of the shoddy work done on this house in the beginning. While we knew there were cosmetic issues--like the fact that Will liked to eyeball it instead of measure, and then just fill in the gap with a pound of caulk--the inspection indicated everything else was sound. Every repair job uncovers something else he did not quite know how to do, and that necessitates an unexpected delay to take care of before we can get to whatever we were doing in the first place.) But I digress. It is easy to do when I see the developments he has gone on to build all over this town, knowing the quality of work he did here. It is a primary example of why counties should have building codes and safety inspections.
We had to make a small opening (only required taking out a tiny portion of the wall) between the master bath and the hall bath. As the tub is walked through, someone has to be able to step back due to the way the tub has to be placed. This, of course, also necessitated taking out the sink. That resulted in finding another one of those unexpected opportunities to repair something else. Why put a hole in the sub floor the size of the drain pipe when you can make it 6 times as large as is needed, and allow a cow to walk through if it wanted? It will require putting a small section of sub flooring in place before we install the new sink, but it looks to be relatively simple (I've said that before and been wrong). It also provided the opportunity for me to go ahead and rip off the wall paper that has annoyed me for 7 years. It was poorly applied in the beginning, not to mention ugly. It was one of those cosmetic things that I intended to get around to, but somehow never did. I am around to it now.

Randy finished the plug for the whirlpool at a bit after 6, and we decided plumbing and moving in the tub could wait until today. We were exhausted and the dogs were hungry. Randy and J moved the tub from his room into the now empty dining room so it will be in place and ready to take in shortly. Then he looked at me and asked, "How is it that we can stretch a 2-hour job into 3 days?" I think because we underestimate how long it might take to begin with, and then, we don't figure in all the unexpected things we will encounter.

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