Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Not a Road Trip Day

Randy took this iPhone photo of the giant weeping willow out behind our room this morning at sunrise, when he was out with Kate. That is the extent of the picture taking for today. Kate was sick when she woke up and by 8 we were worried enough to take her to the doggie doc. The front desk clerk gave us information (lots of pets stay here). Though she is much better and seems to be on the mend, it was pretty scary. She could not even get in the truck and Randy had to pick her up.

She has a mild case of pancreatitis, probably caused by eating something unfamiliar. She was supposed to rest today, and though she was feeling better by mid-afternoon, we just hung out in the room all day, reading, napping, and watching Kate sleep. She is on a chicken and nonfat yogurt diet for the next few days, encourage water, and keep the activity minimal. The doctor gave her a shot of something, and some antibiotics for the next few days. I don't know how much impact--if any--it will have on our length of stay or later plans.

Bobbie and Jim went on over to Ouray for the day and said they enjoyed their first trip to "Switzerland of America."

Meanwhile, I went to pick up some lunch and bring it back to our room. At noon on Sunday in Montrose--probably like most places--everything was crowded. I drove way out to Heidi's Brooklyn Deli. I have to say the young woman waiting on me was not all that enthused to be at work, and had no trouble letting me know that. I'm not sure who she was mad at, but it must have been someone that looked like me. "No onions, no tomatoes, just lettuce on the club sandwich." Randy hates tomatoes and onions. "Two cookies." I tipped her (for doing her regular job of making my sandwich) hoping it would improve her outlook on the rest of the day. Back in the room and unwrapping the sandwich, the smell of onions was overpowering. Not only was there no lettuce, there must have been EXTRA onions on that sucker. No cookies. The sign in the deli had said, "Born in Brooklyn. Raised in Colorado." Maybe that was the problem.

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Betty said...

Poor Kate! Nothing like having a sick doggie on your trip. Are you staying "put" or seeing more of the country?