Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weatherford Public Market

 In another one of those structures built under the New Deal Administration still in use today is the Public Market in Weatherford, Texas.  Area farmers came to the courthouse square in Weatherford to sell produce, livestock, seeds, and hay.  Most public squares were used for that purpose, but apparently, it was starting to get congested around the area, and made for difficulty with traffic.
Russell Lee, 1939, Farm Security Administration, retrieved from Library of Congress
The 100 x 150 foot Mission Style open air market, constructed a couple of blocks from the square, was completed in 1940 with WPA funding.
The new market is entirely fireproof, constructed of heavy pipe welded in position with corrugated metal roof and tile stucco front...floor is concrete, the building is open on all sides, and roll awnings give sun protection. (Weatherford builds a $13,000 public market place, Wise County Messenger, September 19, 1940, p. 7)
 Yesterday, it was filled with fall produce, flowers, jams and jellies, and about any other food item and more.  It is still serving the same purpose as when it was constructed in 1940.  You just gotta love that.


Beth said...

I do love the fact that this building is still being used for its original purpose! It reminds me of the original Farmers Market(now El Mercado)here in San Antonio - it was also a WPA project.

Suzassippi said...

Me, too! I saw your post on El Mercado--and I have shopped there and eaten there many times. My favorite skirt (still in my closet and worn every year) was purchased there--15 years ago!