Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Monday, November 24, 2014

Saying goodbye to Jennybelle

 Rio's crying.  When my sister texted this morning to see what time we would arrive this afternoon, she said she needed help...little Jenny died.  She had gone to get the trailer when we got here.  I walked out to the pasture and saw Rio standing out under a tree, so I knew that was where Jenny was.  They think she was hit by lightening during the storm yesterday, but no one knows for sure.  When she did not come up to eat breakfast this morning, Sis went to look for her.
Rio stood silent guard while we loaded her to take her to my sister's land and her final resting place under a stand of trees.  I swear, he was crying.  He seems lost, bereft.  I understand.  I was attached to Jenny, and it was not expected at all--I thought I would feed her supper tonight and she would bray softly while Rio nickered, and that by the end of the week, she would be eating out of my hand again.

Rio stands under the tree where Jenny lay down for the last time here, sniffs the ground, and then walks back up to the barn.  I petted him, his winter coat silky and soft, stroked his face and neck.  In the morning, I'll go work a while in the pasture, cleaning out his hay barn and the water trough, just to be near him and hope he does not feel as alone as he might otherwise.  Perhaps, I won't feel as alone either.
Rest, sweet Jennybelle.  Thank you for the company you gave Rio and for being his faithful companion.  One more path on the uncharted terrain, but thank you for walking it with us.


Lana Pugh said...

So sorry to hear about Jennybelle. Donkeys are the sweetest things and to loose any animal unexpectedly is the hardest. Poor Rio, he'll be a lost boy for a long time.

LindaRe said...

Rio's eyes look so sad. Sending hugs to you all, including Rio.

Suzassippi said...

Thank to both of you for your thoughts. Rio seemed better tonight, and nickered softly when I went out to feed him. I gave him an extra hug!

Beth said...

Oh, how I hated to read this. I am so sorry for everyone's loss! Poor Jenny and Rio! I understand his pain because we had two dogs years ago, one old and one young. When the old one died the young one grieved for a long time. My grief was doubled seeing her so lost; trying to comfort her helped us get through our pain.