Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The color yellow

I am always amazed to glance out the window by my computer and catch a new sight.  Yesterday, I spotted these yellow birds in the feeder--it is their first time to visit this spring.  Last year was the first year I had seen them at my feeders.  I spent hours looking them up, and we finally decided they were some type of oriole--but I have since forgotten what. 
Coming back from an errand, I noticed Grandma's irises had bloomed--and I almost missed them!  I dug them up from Texas and brought them with me, carefully planted them along the drive.  Those have never bloomed except for one lone iris and it will have one or two flowers on it.  Last year, I discovered profuse blooms where I had tossed the remaining roots that I had deemed too damaged to replant.  They are the only ones that have bloomed and are prolific--if in a spot where I almost miss them.  I think I will dig up the others and just toss them on top of the ground and see what happens.
Glancing out one morning this week, I noted this little squirrel happily munching away on the sunflower seeds.  I have hung the other feeders where the squirrel cannot get to them, but this little guy got brave enough to come up to the one right next to the house.
The deer have also gotten braver and will come up at night and empty this one.  At least, with 3 other deer-proof feeders, they have a start on breakfast the next morning until I can re-fill them all.
This tree has profuse blooms that just pop out every year--for two weeks, the smell is almost sickly sweet on the screened porch and the bees and butterflies will cover the tree.  It appears to be a major food supply, so I haven't the heart to remove it, even though it is way too big for its spot, and the smell is overpoweringly sweet--like a room full of flowers at the funeral home.

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