Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, April 12, 2009

29 days of revision with a 30 day deadline

After countless revisions on the computer (I have at least 10 saved versions of revisions) and this stack of printed copies and notes, I finally completed the manuscript revision today and emailed it back to the editor of the journal.  I had 30 days to revise, and the reviewers asked for significant additional information, which required significant amounts of new research, along with reorganization of the manuscript.  My co-author is in Belize on sabbatical and doing research there that has to be 100% of her time on sabbatical (some sort of rule about it LOL) so it was push come to shove to make the deadline of tomorrow.  It has been a tremendously busy 30 days which included having to develop a major advanced workshop to present at NASW, and two major group functions with my class, in addition to all the regular things that have to be done.
Libby was not all that impressed with the amount of work it took, though she has totally enjoyed getting to stay in the room with me and nap while I am on the computer.  
When I piled the finished work next to her to see if it was as high as she was tall, you can see what she thought of the comparison.
And finally, she expressed her total boredom with the whole aspect of papers, revisions, and whether or not I needed any pictures of them.
I have been at the computer from 9 until after 5 non-stop for the last 4 days.  It was harder Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as it was sunny, clear, and pretty and a day begging to be spent outside.  Today dawned dark, cold, and raining, so it has not been as difficult.  I stepped out on the porch, intending to sit and have a glass of wine to celebrate finishing the manuscript--and what I think and hope is a satisfactory enough revision to merit decision to publish--but it was just too darned cold.  The swallow who nests on the porch each year was warming her eggs and thanking her lucky stars for such a great little location.  It makes a terrible mess on the porch each year after the babies hatch, but I haven't the heart to make them homeless.

One of my greatest joys here is having a wildlife friendly environment for birds, bees, butterflies, and deer...oh, and all the homeless dogs in Mississippi.

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