Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Monday, April 13, 2009

For my friend

I just found out today that my friend's arrangements for her dogs while she is on a business trip fell through; another friend has been taking care of them for her.  She had to work late tonight, so I said I would go take care of them.  Here, one of the boys brings the ball and says "Throw it for me, please?"

Randy tossed the ball, while I petted.  One guy is a regular ball boy, and the other is just "pet me, talk to me, pet me some more."  If I walked away (to put out fresh water, for example) he would whine and follow me.
We alternately played ball and petted dogs whilst changing water, setting up food, and picking up all the items they had determined were toys and depositing them back in the trash can. :)
I also spotted a dead possum in the yard, and though it took a while, I loaded it onto a shovel and took it to the woods.  I confess, I did not properly thank the possum for its service and bury it--I was having a hard time not gagging.  I did warn the boys if they dragged it back into the yard, I would be hard pressed to want to move it again, so leave it in the bushes.  I did not want my friend to come home to a dead and rotting possum carcass in her yard.
More petting and promising to come back tomorrow and play some more til Mom gets home.
On the way home, I noted one of my favorite sites in Mississippi--a field of flowers.  I cannot look at this expanse and not feel a sense of renewal.  It helps to make up for all the things in the world that aren't beautiful.


coachk said...

You are awesome! Thanks so much for going by and playing with them. I wanted so bad to bring them and put them in the apartment with me. Natasha said that would be a bad idea. I guess she is right. Thanks also for the pictures. A little taste of home is always good.

Suzassippi said...

Thanks, Coach--you are so sweet. It was fun and we enjoyed it.

olemisskim said...

Susan and Randy, I love you guys. I cannot tell you how much I have worried about my dogs being lonesome. We had to evict the "renters" and had no way to get something else going. It is good to have such great friends. Tell the darlings that I will be home soon. I am so afraid they think I have left forever. thanks again! Kim

Suzassippi said...

You are welcome--that's what friends are for. :) I am going out for a little while in about another 30 minutes. I am finishing my taxes finally, after getting the Faculty Activity Report finished. Whew! I am looking forward to playing with a dog!