Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tampa: Day 2

The weather here today was stupendously beautific, with pleasant temps, gentle breeze, and sunshine.  We had coffee break on the bay, and then lunch on the bay.  Meetings so far have been inspiring and validating, and I met some new folks I hope might become colleagues in the future.  I spent the morning in reaffirmation workshop consultation, and the afternoon in child welfare track training, that focuses on partnerships between child welfare agencies and the universities who train social workers.  Both were time well spent.

It feels good to finish a day when you are tired from travel, yet feel as if it was worthwhile, and it renews your hopefulness, increases your knowledge, and inspires you to greater heights of achievement and collaboration to address the problems we face in this country, and for which social work is engaged in either trying to prevent, or crisis intervention to pick up the pieces, or healing afterwards.

The morning starts early again tomorrow, with another full day, and this time, I need to be up in time for coffee and breakfast before the first meeting, so Dick Greco and I will say good night for the evening.  I left Mr. Greco waiting for the Trolley down by the convention center, and I sure hope he was able to catch the last one of the evening.

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