Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Juke Joint Festival 2012: Clarksdale

Clarksdale is home to the blues every weekend of every year, but it comes alive during the Juke Joint Festival each year in April.  My cousin drove up from New Orleans for me to take her over.  I have decided she is now my favorite road trip companion.  She loves to stop for pictures, and we went way out of our way several times to get back around to photograph a building or some unique detail of the building.  We both agree our pet peeve is being with someone who won't stop for a photo, or who gets cranky if you get lost or take the circuitous route rather than a straight line.

Apparently, this drug store sign has been photographed many times, including by our own Preservation in Mississippi's EL Malvaney.  Perhaps Malvaney can also fill us in on the Masonic Temple, since wading through pages of data yield less than the cornerstone in terms of history.  A peek through the window shows that something is still happening in the Haggard drug store, though it seemed more empty shelves than those with merchandise.  The drug store occupies the corner of the building.

 We contemplated the idea of buying the building, and setting up our weekend getaways locale in the historic downtown Clarkdale.  I imagine if I think I have a lot of work on my hands trying to salvage my little Taylor hillside ranch, that taking on this 1923 building might be more than I can manage.

However, we would be just across the street from the historic Greyhound Bus Terminal, and ready to roll if they ever decide to start interstate travel again.  Our being in the station reminded me of our trip via Greyhound to Denton, Texas back in 1968, and an unplanned stop in downtown Dallas.  There we were, two West Texas girls dragging our suitcase through downtown Dallas looking like a couple of rubes carrying our pillows and blankets.  When we decided to "go Greyhound" they didn't tell us Greyhound wouldn't be making the left turn in Dallas to get to Denton, and we did not discover until we go to the Dallas station that we had to change busses...and bus stations.  The Continental Trailways station is where...and which direction is that...and it's how many blocks?  Let me just say right now that the trip was not worth the effort and I am pretty sure this was the beginning of the end for me and my high school boyfriend...


ELMalvaney said...

Sorry I don't know anything more about the Masonic Temple--I can't even place it, embarrassed to say. Nice terra cotta work around the door though! If you buy it, you can start a Clarksdale Pilgrimage and put it on tour :-)

Gigi said...

I see I've been displaced as your favorite travel companion. :) I don't mind losing out to Dawn, though.

Suzassippi said...

I'd say the chances of you and I doing road trips is very unlikely in our future. You can still be Road Trip Traveler Emeritus. Dawn and I will become the ubiquitous old women with a foo-foo dog and a walking stick. I'm going to have to get with the program though, and get a straw hat.

frank_ezelle said...

I like that, a traveling partner who understands the importance of making numerous detours to take photos. Hope we are going to see lots of music photos in the near future.


Suzassippi said...

I have a few brief ones I will post, complete with the requisite 40 people walking in front of the camera when they could just as easily walk behind it.

Adrian Kosky said...

Hi Suzassippi.
my wife Carla and I purchased the old Masonic Temple in late 2012, and have been restoring and revitalising it for the last 3 years. You are welcome to drop by in future Clarksdale adventures. We live in the building as well as others now.

Suzassippi said...

Adrian, I wold love to see what you have done and visit the building. Thanks so much for the invitation. I will contact you offline, or you can email me, and set a time. I look forward to it!