Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Look at Mound Bayou History

Yesterday was our monthly partnership meeting with the City of Mound Bayou, and the participants in the Taborian project.  It is always so uplifting to be in the presence of this committed team, and to feel a part of what is happening in this community.  Ernestine Anderson released "Mound Bayou" on her My Kinda Swing album in 1960.  A few of the lyrics I like:
...all my friends are lucky to be back there...if they knew what I've been through they'll stay back there...wish my arms were long enough here's what I'd do...wrap my arms around you, Mound Bayou...
July 12, 2012 marks the 125th anniversary of the town's founding.

From the cornerstone for the history of the church:  First Baptist Church was established in 1888, a year after the town's founding.  The first structure was erected in 1891, and the first brick structure was erected in 1905.
 Some sources indicate this church was the first brick church in Bolivar county.  According to the church history cornerstone (see photo below) the last structure, and I assume it refers to this current building, was built in 1964.
 I truly love it when a building, and especially a church as they are generally harder to find information about the building, places its history in an easy to find location.
 Dr. T. R. M. Howard is credited with building the first swimming pool for blacks in Mississippi.  The remains of the pool are still visible between Edwards and West Main street, near the former railroad bed.
Also along side of the old railroad bed, this interesting looking building seems to reflect the green of the freshly mown grass.  I don't know its use, but I heard it calling to me to take its picture.  I obliged.

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