Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Old Natchez Jail

The Old Natchez city jail was erected in 1891, and is still in use as city offices, though not for housing prisoners.
 The Champion Iron Company specialized in a variety of iron works, including fences, gates, and jail buildings.  They completed iron and steel cell work and city lock-ups.  This 1884 miniature catalogue includes illustrations of their beautiful work, Champion Iron Company, Kenton, Ohio 
The old jail has something of a history of being haunted, which is the subject of a couple of books, the Mississippi Paranormal Society, and at least one TV news investigative report.  Of course, because Natchez is considered the "second most haunted city in Mississippi" this should not surprise anyone.
How many western movies did you watch where a gang of outlaws tied a rope around the bars of the window and pulled them out with the horse?  That's a feat that seems highly unlikely to me, along with ghosts inhabiting the jail.  I am of the opinion that "a sound in the night does not a ghost make."


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Only the second haunted? Who's No. 1?

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