Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Updates on the remodel

Things Randy has accomplished this week:

1. Attached those little holders to the pipes that keep them flush against the wall.
2. Watched 5 episodes of Bones.
3. Watched 5 movies.
4. Played World of Warcraft.
5. Target shot with J.
6. Grilled chicken and made quesadillas last night.

Things Susan has accomplished this week:

1. Repainted the bench on the front porch and hung new planter.
2. Hung new curtains in living room after Roadie ate the last ones.
3. Finished cleaning the porch, and organized all the tools and bathroom items to finish remodeling the bathroom...some day. Attached wires across the bottles to keep Rex from putting his big feet through the screen again.
4. Planted new plants inside and outside Libby's kennel. Aesthetics are very important to her when she goes outside to potty.
5. Replaced the screen where Rex put his big feet through it two years ago. See number 3.
6. Painted and hung a vintage drawer front above my bed--for architectural interest. Aesthetics are important to me when I sleep.
7. Drove to Southaven and worked on a manuscript with a colleague.
8. Graded 54 papers for grad class.
9. Cleaned the house, cooked 5 dinners, cleaned kitchen 5 times, washed all the house laundry.
10. Watched the yellow cat.
11. Asked Randy when he might call the plumber to come finish the bathroom remodel.

I really hoped to finish that this summer--if someone can just put that tub in, I can do the rest. I have installed that sink and toilet before, tiled a shower already, and textured and painted untold numbers of walls. I think I can figure out laying the tile floor--it should be a lot like the walls only horizontal.

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