Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mississippi Industrial College-one year later

I stopped at Mississippi Industrial College last July on the way home from Memphis. I only had my iPhone with me, but I had been enamored of this location since the first time I drove past it in 2003 on my first trip to Memphis;

A few weeks ago, there was a post about the damage to Catherine Hall from a storm. I am currently following a preservation blog in MS (check the blogroll to the side of this blog), and there was a request for any updated photos to the site as a result of the damage. This is the same site, almost a year later.

That out of the way, here is the interest to me: regular followers know J has been fairly ill this last year. I was about to leave today--camera slung over my shoulder--when he asked where I was going. I explained, and invited him to come with me. Holly Springs is only about 30 minutes from here, and he decided to join me. We had an enjoyable conversation on the drive over, ranging from his health issues to my interest in history and the misspres blog, and the reason for my trip over.

He gave me great resources for locating vintage preservation photos. He shared his latest work news (I cannot share here, as it is still under development) which was really exciting to me as he moves forward in his endeavors. It reminded me of when he was a young boy and would come into my room and plop himself on the end of the bed while I was working on my dissertation. It did not matter to me if I was at a moment of inspiration or understanding. I would put my notes down, and wait. It was a moment I might never have again.

Today was one of those days...a moment I might never have again. He was willing to drive with me to Holly Springs...to tell me about his work...to listen to my current passion...to just be...


Gigi said...

Those moments are precious. Tell J hello for me.

nmisscommenter said...

Thanks for the photos of this tragic situation in Holly Springs.

Anonymous said...

i went to holly sprigs for the first time today and when i saw this place i was immediately engaged and saddened simultaneously. the former beauty of the buildings is evident, even amidst the destruction, as if collapsing walls, sinking floors and vegetation could not hide its former splendor. the emotional melting point comes when you stop to study the plaque dedicated to w.m. frazier, president of the university for 20 years. there he sits, before his own thanatopsis. i took several photos and will now be following the fate of mississippi industrial college.

JMB said...

A recent [Jan 2012] trip through Holly Spgs to look, once more, at the abandoned building of MIC was shocking.Granted, we hadn't been there in many years, but the almost total collapse of some of the buildings was surreal - sad and depressing - decay. Horrific, yes HORRIFIC. A colony of vultures have evidently set up housekeeping in the topmost part of one building. Huge, flapping harbingers of death & decay. I guess that is fitting?

Orson Zedd said...

I've driven past it a handful of times, but I only just took notice of it today. And my god, those buildings are beautiful. If I were rich, I'd buy them up and restore them. I mean at this point you'd probably have to replace a lot of Catherine, is it? Still, I'd do it.