Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I know I should have posted this before, not after.

I predicted last night that Lee would win AI this year. (Well, I only predicted it to Randy, but still that was my prediction.) Not because he was the best singer or the most talented. He is a good singer, and he has talent, but he is not in the league with Crystal in terms of talent, or comfort with his talent.

Kind of like last year and the difference between Kris and Adam. But then, "ain't that America." Earlier this evening, I told Rand I thought Lee would win; the "America" who watches AI will vote for a paint salesman...or a married guy from Arkansas...before they will vote for an unmarried mother or a flashy guy who wears nail polish and eye makeup, regardless of the talent and ability to sing. And when it was time for the grand announcement, I said "Lee" one second before Ryan did.

Even after Crystal outsang and outperformed Lee by a mile last night...and tonight.

So, I predict that Crystal--now in the eye of whoever it is that decides to record someone--will do well for herself. She certainly has the stage presence--even tonight--and I think her talent has never been in question.

Frankly, I miss Simon already.


Gigi said...

Adam should have won last year and Crystal this year! But I ended up kinda liking Lee, too, though he definitely did not have the voice Crystal has. I told Rich Lee should not have attempted a Bono/U2 song...the climb is too steep. No one can sing a Bono song like Bono, let's face it. :) Crystal will do great, though, and sometimes I think being the winner is more of a burden than being second.

And can I just say that I thought the Alice Cooper group number of "School's Out" was really lame and I can't believe Alice actually came out and participated? Before he showed up, I said, "Wow, Alice would not be impressed with what they are doing with his song." Shows you what I know.

Okay, I have never written this much about American Idol in my life. LOL I wouldn't even watch it when I lived in Texas. What has become of me?? :)

Suzassippi said...

I must admit, I was kind of shocked to see this big long comment. :) Yes, it is actually best NOT to win apparently. And I thought all the group numbers were pretty lame...kind of like the show has gotten. The best part of it this year was Ellen; she is funny.