Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Woody Gets Adopted

Woody just found his own family, a nurse with 3 children, two dogs and some cats.  Woody will have an older sibling lab and two younger sibling labs in his new family.  It has been a long journey since the day last May when we saw three little puppies in the road and tried to rescue them.  They were far too skittish that first day, but by the second day, were easily won over with food and water.  After only a few days of petting, brushing, and feeding regularly, they were happy to have some humans in their lives.  

We have provided regular vet care, they have shots and tags, and we diligently searched for homes.  Two of the placements have come through our local pet store!  Ally went home with a couple of students from Houston a few weeks ago, and her follow up check revealed she has adjusted well to her new home and the boys are happy with her.  Today, Woody finally warmed to his new family, though he would have been happy to stay here, of course. :)

Roadie jumped up on the crate and put his paws on the kennel and looked for him when he came in.  Rando promised that now, tonight, Roadie gets to come in the house and we will start to integrate him into the family brood.  While we still hope to find him his own forever home, we will not leave him in the kennel by himself.  He has already played in the back yard with our dogs, so being in the house should not be too major an adjustment.  Finally, I can remove the kennel from my front porch and repair my screened porch screens, which fell victim to little puppy chewings on a regular basis. :)

Still, all in all, it is a good feeling to know they had a better quality of life than if they had remained in the woods across the road, and hopefully will bring joy to the lives of their new humans.  They certainly brought joy to mine.

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